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Tigga's Saddlery for Everything Equestrian

Here at Tigga's Saddlery we pride ourselves in being a leading mobile equestrian retailer around the eventing circuit.  Having over 25 years experience of supplying everything you could possibly need or have forgotten for competition, from aspiring novices to the world's leading riders, making us one of the most helpful Equestrian Suppliers in the UK today.


Charles Gough

Charles started Tiggas Saddlery over 29 years ago and has since then worked the Eventing circuit, up and down the country, from March to October. When he is not working at Tiggas, Charles can be found on the golf course, usually with his partner Michele, or practising, trying to get his handicap down. January is hopefully spent somewhere hot, relaxing and playing golf!


Michele Jones

Michele works more behind the scenes at Tiggas developing the new website and our new Facebook page, whilst also working full-time on a front-line ambulance. On her rare weekends off Michele also helps out on the Tiggas stand or out on the course in one of the ambulances! Michele no longer competes on horses following a car accident but has since taken up golf which she enjoys with Charles. Spare time is taken up with walking the new dog Izzy and gardening. January is also hopefully spent somewhere hot, relaxing and playing golf!


Yazi Gough

Yazi, Charles's daughter, started with Tiggas by helping out in the summer holidays at thirteen. As soon as Yazi left school at sixteen, Yazi became full time on Tiggas. Yazi enjoys coming out to the shows, catching up with the many competitors and friends on the circuit (and with maybe an odd bit of sunbathing when not too busy!). When Yazi is not working on the stand she can be found either working on a point to point yard in Norfolk riding out or teaching at her mother's yard. Between all of this, with a little help from others, Yazi manages to keep two of her own event horses fit. Harry (Silkencrisp) was previously owned by William Fox-Pitt has been brought down to novice level but has had a leg injury so will not be competing this year and Grace (State of Grace) who is at BE100 level and being taken up to Novice and with whom Yazi hopes to compete at a one star next year.


The experience we have gained over the years has enabled Tigga's to build a rapport with our customers, from the world's leading riders to aspiring novices, making us one of the most helpful equestrian suppliers in the U.K. today.


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