Tigga's Show Dates for 2017

March 4th to 5th Aston Le Walls April 31st to 2nd Belton Park Int
  6th     Aston Le Walls U/A   8th to 9th Norton Disney
  9th to 12th Oasby   13th to 15th Burnham Mkt Int
  18th to 19th     22nd to 23rd Horseheath 
  24th to 26th Gt Witchinham Int   25th to 26th Whitfield
            29th to 30th Chilham Castle
May 6th to 7th   June 2nd to 4th Little Downham
  10th to  13th  Aston Le Walls   10th to 11th  
  14th     Aston Le Walls UA   17th to 18th Stratford Hills
  19th  to 21st Rockingham Castle Int   24th to 25th Farley Hall
  25th to 28th Houghton International            
July 30th to 2nd Great Witchingham Int  August 7th to 8th Smiths Lawn
  8th to 9th Buckminster Park   10th to 12th Aston Le Walls
  15th to 16th     13th     Aston Le Walls UA
  21st to 23rd Aston Le Walls    18th to 22nd Pony Club Championships
  29th to 30th Frickley Park    26th  to 27th    
September 2nd to 3rd   October 30th to 2nd Little Downham
  9th to 10th Frickley Park   7th to 8th  
  16th to 17th Allerton Park   14th to 15th Oasby
  23rd to 24th TBC   20th to 22nd Norton Disney
          November 4th to 5th Aston Le Walls UA